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Deleted user May 18
Going back. I was about 18 and playing football for my local club. This particular day, I was late for a match and getting changed alone. I was naked and heard the changing room door open, so quickly whipped on my footy shorts not to be caught naked. Wow!! This was the first time that i’d wore nylon shorts without underwear!! It was slightly nippy and the shorts felt cold and sensual against my cock and arse etc!! I’m also circumcised, so my bellend slid against the inside of these shorts making my cock instantly swell. I quickly cupped my cock to see who had walked in. It was Jemma, a lass I had met at a party a week previous. She smiled, staring at me! I felt awkward, but I kind of knew what she was after! Without going into detail! She had turned up to watch me play football. She obviously seizied the opportunity to make sure we had some alone time before I graced the pitch!! Needless to say, she came onto me and started wanking cock through these silky Umbro shorts! She made a point of pausing to rake my hard balls and stiff dick also!! She then hitched my flimsy shorts down slightly to release my now throbbing dick! She knelt before me and wrapped her lips around my cock, whilst raking my balls through the ace material!! She wrapped her other hand around my stiff member slowly wanking my shaft, guiding it toward her mouth! She concentrated on sucking my bellend, whilst softly squeezing and raking my balls with her other hand! I remember being in shear ecstasy, my bare legs trembling. After no time at all this orgasm hit me, I came shooting spunk into her mouth and she swallowed every last drop I had to offer! We were almost busted by my coach who burst in as I was just putting my limp semi erect dick back into my shorts. With the rush from my coach I ended up playing that match commando! Needless to say I played shit, as I was afraid of my cock making an unwanted appearance ha. This was the start of my nylon shorts fetish, and the beginning of some good times with Jemma, who enjoyed watching this young athletic good looking lad run around the pitch with his cock flopping around in his shorts ha.