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Fire_blader Jan 28
Hey folks... thought if ask if anyone wears shiny shorts in public and what the reactions are. I dont myself but last week I was wearing them at night and hadnt changed yet the next morning and went to the kitchen for underwear etc to get dressed. Little did I know we had a visitor - who was in speaking to the mrs (one of her friends) I never heard her come in so was sure the house was empty.

This would normally be hugely embarassing but Ive become more lax recently wearing them around the wife other than in bed but this was different and I had to brave it out so just acted normal.
She obviously noticed and started commenting on them and teasing a little bit but she was more intrigued than anything else asking where I got them etc. I just explained I sometimes wore old shorts instead of pyjamas and changed the subject but she just kept looking and even reached out to touch them asking for a feel.
Again I played it down scared she would tell people but acted cool so that if it ever came up again it wouldnt seem so odd. As it stands ive seen her again but she hasnt mentioned only things seem a wee bit different.
At the time it seemed almost sexual like she liked it but I cant be sure. Inwould still never wear them outside - maybe a beach abroad.
Anybody else had experiences like that ? Incidentally besides this the only other time this kinda thing happened was when a couple of pairs was in a pile of clean washing and someone saw - no reaction though...
gt1300 Jan 28

Interesting. First of all thanks for telling us, sharing with us. Before I start on your topic, I have to admit, that I seldomly wear shorts in public. Why? Because I feel kind of "naked" wearing them in public. Obviously I´m not a very exhibitionistic guy, who gets his "fun" or "satisfaction" in others watching or "having to watch" my - let´s say - dresscode. I remember a "bad taste motto party", that we had in our company and I played the Dj the whole night. So what else should I have done  than wearing red beckenbauers. And I didnt´t feel comfortable at all - it really felt like wearing a ladies´swimsuit or something like that. Ridiculous, I know. Nobody really dared to talk to me about the shorts, and I guess it has something to do with the way, we are thinking or feeling about shiny shorts. Most people see them as "clothing", we see a lot more in them. For us it´s probably like (I try to be a philosopher now) having found a secret key, that others don´t see. But this key has of course a sexual connotation, and that is, what it makes the whole deal so tricky.

On the one hand, our inner voice probably would whish to have some woman´s reaction like "I like your shorts, let me wear them, the look sexy, and by the way... what about some sexual intercourse!!!" Funny, ain´t it? But sometimes thoughts like that come to my mind.

One the other hand, if everybody would wear these shorts day and night, the thrill probably would be gone.... A strange topic, that we are dealing with :-))

So back to you @Fire_blader

What reaction would you have wished to get? Did your wife react in any kind? Does she know about your - let´s say "fetish"? Does she know, that you are writing here?

Sometimes I really really think: Hey man, get much more relaxed, it´s just cloth, we all wore these shorts in the 80s, but it´s so difficult nowadays to keep cool, when you realize that your heartbeat accelerates immediately while seing some woman wearing these fuckin´shiny shorts....  

shortstuff Jan 29
I wore mine in Florida a year ago as shorts these days are knee length and I was roasting walking about the Disney parks, so the next day I wore a pair of my shorts (navy with white stripes) nobody seemed to bother to be honest. I only had them for wearing in the villa pool but with the heat out there, i just had to wear them out and about during the day.  It wasn't until we went to the Universal park i noticed only 1 couple if girls looking at my shorts then had a snigger to each other.  That was the only incident but, to be honest, it was enough for me not to wear them in public again.
Fire_blader Jan 29
At the time I hoped for no reaction - so it wasnt an issue. Wife didnt care much she absolutely knows and understands my various fetishes. It was somewhat exciting in that there was a reaction ... kinda like being caught doing anything a bit naughty-i just couldnt treat it as such as i was trying to fake normality. I sippose i wish it wasnt a big deal and it wouldnt be if this was 1985 but its not 1985. She probably doesnt expect me to talk on this site but i do know she wouldnt be bothered - she knows that its part of my aspergers to have paraphilias and agrees theyre harmless but she also thinks that its probably best that others dont have an insight into any of these. But ultimately she just saw it like me - a quirk no big deal
Retro Jan 30
I am 44 years old and a single guy who wears original 1980s shiny and silky shorts in public especially in leeds or Hull it doesn't bother me wandering around wearing the shorts. To be honest it goes unnoticed and people go about their affairs without noticing me wearing shorts. I feel more comfortable wearing the shorts than any other modern shorts because I feel the original 1980s short shorts are the best ever made. The only trouble I have when I get older can I still walk around in public in the shorts or am I getting a bit to old for it now. 

Swagman69 Jan 30

If you speak to Dave at Dapa Designs, they do all of their footy shorts with a 3 inch longer inseam.  This makes them the same length as modern shorts but in the old satin material.  Then you wear a tshirt over the top, people can see that you're wearing shorts but they don't seem to notice the material.  I'm 49 now so when it's nice I go out like that.  Works fine, no-one stares, you keep cool, everybody wins.  But seriously though, order football shorts from Dapa and ask for "3 inch longer inseam".  Couple of quid more expensive but so worth it. 

shortsbreeze Feb 21

I often use my plain white very short nylon satins in summer. Just 1 inch inseam but a bit wide. Usually no one reacts about it. But sometimes Girls and women looks a little extra. Maybe they think its a little weird. And maybe they like it. I dont know but some looks dont bother me. It just feels ok because my shorts are so comfy to wear in Public. 

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wetadidas Feb 22

I do wear the shiny shorts outside too but only during summer because all other time it is just to cold to wear them.

But i enjoy them because they dry very fast and they are not heavy to wear.

Yeah I wear mine in public pretty frequently. They feel good, and make me feel confident. Have had a few compliments or people that notice. But it’s not weird or anything. When I play softball or soccer I wear them all the time. Nothing fits or feels better than these late 90s early 00s Nike or Adidas soccer shorts. 
Yeah I wear mine in public pretty frequently. They feel good, and make me feel confident. Have had a few compliments or people that notice. But it’s not weird or anything. When I play softball or soccer I wear them all the time. Nothing fits or feels better than these late 90s early 00s Nike or Adidas soccer shorts.