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rillater base+authorization_role_admin
rillater Jan 9

big community, little activity ... let's change it

Hi all.

It's been 8 years since shinynylonshorts.con is active. Although our community already existed in a previous web, so we can say that it is a very settled community.
From time to time I like to look at the statistics of the web, and I have just seen that in this period, we have surpassed the million visits,
that's a lot of people, with almost 6 million page views.

Currently, each month we are visited by about 5000 different users, with about 15,000 pages viewed.

In comparison, there are very few registered users on the web, and even fewer are the users who actively participate in the web.

Let's change that!

First promotion

All registered users will receive a gift:
A photoset with a selection of 100 photos of shinynylonphotos.
You can find the download link in the forum visible to registered users.

Registered users can download it simply by logging in and accessing the forum.

If you liked it, it seems like a good idea or you have some other idea to encourage participation in the community, comment on this post :) let's show the world that we are a great community.

On the other hand I am also preparing big changes for the web, participating in a project that will promote the creation of new content, and in which it will be possible to participate and get new photosets. The project is more ambitious, it will allow videos, through crowdfounding, etc. Stay tuned ... soon you will have more information.

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umbrosilk Jan 9

Hi Rillater,

Excellent post and totally agree with what your say.


Some positive things there, like the 5K different users monthly and hopefully that will grow with time.


However, the BIG problem again is the lack of activity of real original posting/photos/videos/stories etc. Like you I’ve gone on about this for years.  There are the regular contributors that bring in real content and those who just post really lazy comments on, say, photos, with totally useless one line comments that serve no purpose whatsoever. This must be stopped I think.


So come on everyone, start contributing to this great site and support it as it’s as far as I can see the only dedicated site addressing silky shiny nylon football shorts that is straight!



sexynylon Jan 9

Hi Rillater,

First of all, "Big Thank You" to you Rillater for all your work and dedication. Let's hope your initiative will bring the anticipated results. Cross my fingers. It's a great idea.

I picked up my photoset, Thank you. My apologies, I have been slacking myself a bit with posts lately, it is a bit of a time issue. Believe me, more is on the way. Still have some nice retro pictures as well as some newer web finds and as a special treat some never before seen pictures from a very well known lady from past days on this forum. See if anyone can guess who?

Look out for the new posts. Greetings to you and the Shinynylonshorts community.

Cheers, Sexynylon

rillater base+authorization_role_admin
rillater Jan 10
We are a great community "asleep", we have to wake up, I'm thinking of more "awards per action" to encourage collaboration.
Fire_blader Jan 11
Agree with all of the above. I would like to interact more but there is seldom a reply to posts. Unfortunately like me I think many only post when they find something interesting which is few an far between for straight guys and I have yet to find any ladies in 20 years who are into this beyond selling clips. So its tough. Crowdfunding has always been discussed and is a good idea - id pay for the right thing. When you look at the volume if postings if pics and links by regular contributors it makes me think there must be much more that the others found or know about - id like them to be less shy or reluctant to post. Id also like to hear more stories of 80s or 90s experiences ... i posted most of mind or I would add to that. Basically all im saying is many of us are feeling the same way and i wanted to post to demonstrate this
gt1300 Jan 11

So, this is acutally my first contribution to the community. I don´t know, where it will lead, but it will probaby help. I remember a german forum, that I joined some years ago, and it was about BDSM. I´ve never been familiar with that kind of community, but I joined in order to probaby learn a bit more about myself. Telling the whole story would lead to far, but participating really opened up my mind. It was quite an open minded and reflective community, and it wasn´t just "I´d like to see... , I´d like to do things with my partner, some stranger or whatever... " It wasn´t about pretending, but sharing hopes and fears, funny things, it was about help and much more, way beyond BDSM. Obviously the people in that community were really great. (let´s say, the fools were few) What I miss here, is not interaction, but participating. for me interacting is not about commenting photos by telling "I´d like to f&§ck her from behind." or "great shiny shorts".

We all know, that we are many males here, and few females, but let´s take a chance either way. I remember being together with a woman (with two children) and my faible for satin/Adidas shorts turned out to be hell on earth. I couldn´t forsee that. Obviously I made mistakes too. I would really like to tell the story here in the forum, I´d really like to share. I think we should find a new broath of dealing with our "fetish nylon shorts". We´d probaby get a whole new deal of that topic.

Riilater, thank you so much for offering all of us that kind of incredible "marketplace", which is soooo sooo rare. It´s up to us others, to make it come alive.

And: pertan!!!!!!! You got the topic!!!!!! I´m, always looking forward to seing your new findings.

And thanks to all the others, let´s stop hinding in our shells, I´d be the first to do so.

And thanks to rillater for offering photos here.

Let´s all go for it. Further than we thought....

Fire_blader Jan 11
Youre right on the nature of the interaction. More chat would be great amongst ourselves. For example I hid my fetish for 20 years thinking my partners would think it weird so i tried instead to get into the topic to see what the reaction was but i kept coming back to fearing her finding it a gay thing. Sooo cut to the age of 42 and i tell my wife that my liking of her in satin undies was a bit deeper and that it all started with girls in gym class - and i always was attracted to shiny clothes. She didnt care a bit .. i then said that women get to feel special by dressing sexy but guys cant - i said for example is kinda like to wear shorts like that in bed as they gave me a little (kidding) hint of arousal and is a comfy alternative to pjs.... she said i should wear what i want. Wish id had the conversation 20 years ago now. Most nights i wear them and she indulges this with not weirdness. What im trying to say is its experiences that interest me and if people are happy to share them then thats as appealing i think as pics... ?
VentexIII Jan 16

Thank again Rillater for these years of implication.

This annual report appears,again and again,as a wasted potential.

With the 10th birthday in view it's effectively time to begin to be realistic and honest with our common fetish  : if we want new quality material we must pay.

I propose (if technically possible) to add a pop-up pool /survey where each members will must choose if he want the site stay free or,if not, will proposing a price / year (free price,1-5$,more ?).If the majority is okay at the end we'll get a reserve a money for financing videos and contributing to the hosting.

(And it will be always more fun,creative and effective rather than just pointing the lack of activity)

Without this direct implication it will be hard to responsabillize people. 

And if only the active members feel concerned (how are we ?) well i hope we will be enough to support your future project of crowdfunding with Wetcoin (totally neophyte,fascinating stuff).

(and thank for the pics)

rillater base+authorization_role_admin
rillater Jan 17

Thanks to everyone for the answers, it seems that there is movement in the forum :)

It is clear that, looking at the statistics, there are many people interested in girls in shorts. What we have to achieve is that people are encouraged to participate.

During these years we have already tried to propose initiatives for people to participate or help in the site, for a long time I put a donation button for the site, I think I received two donations in 5 years.

If this became a membership site, I do not think anyone would sign up, right now it is seen that few users have registered in the free photoset promotion by registration.

One of the ideas when using the wetcoin cryptocurrency  for payments on my websites is precisely to get funds to create new material, as explained in part of the funds are to make new projects more ambitious.
marcusal072 Feb 24
I have always offered and still do offer to help fund new material the question is how. It seems a little niche. I have swapped some of the videos and clips with others but often get little or nothing in return.

Has anyone looked in to costs etc for production of movies and or photo sets. I always liked the ones on Tainster but they no longer post new material?

rillater base+authorization_role_admin
rillater Feb 27

Quote from marcusal072 I have always offered and still do offer to help fund new material the question is how. It seems a little niche. I have swapped some of the videos and clips with others but often get little or nothing in return.

Has anyone looked in to costs etc for production of movies and or photo sets. I always liked the ones on Tainster but they no longer post new material?

The cost of production varies depending on what you want to get, the number of models and especially the type of photos or videos you want to make, is not the same pictures of poses in shorts that something erotic.

I'm sure we all have fantasies that we would like to see. But being such a small community, I think we have to unite to create the material ourselves. I'm thinking about how it could be done, maybe a kind of club, or something like that, we're going to do a brainstorming to see what ideas appear.

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