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VentexIII Jan 2

I don't remember the name member here of the owner of this site but i use the forum for asking some questions about years of activity (if he is agree of course)

- How did you take contact with the models ? Did they know the scenario in advance ? Did some girls have curiosity/interest for your fetish ? 

- About outdoor scenes have you lived some troubling moments ? (people noticing something strange)
All anecdotes are welcome.

- Have you considered to produce private video with explicit sex?

Thank for your reply.

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sprinter1970 Jan 2
His videos were great at one point when he had 2 girls (Jill mainly) and the odd spanking scene but the last year or so they are all the same just walking round a garden or hoovering. Get the girls busy again and he’ll make good money as we’d put links on here 
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umbrosilk Jan 6

The reality is that these sites like Shinynylonarts, Vanaweb and NappySchool, for example are now so tedious and boring to watch. The owners of these site have really lost interest in their business model and just reproduce the same endless shite.

Nappy-School use to be quite exciting, incorporating nylon shorts, plastic and spanking. Now all it’s does is generates commercial photos and making one photoshoot span out over a ten week period. Vanaweb is just Vana looking slightly bored wearing different colour satin lingerie each week, just like her audience are! ShinynylonArts, all in German and again boring even though they do go outside and I do think the owner has a real thing for seeing the girls dressed in nylon shorts, but even so!!!

What we need is spanking, exciting upshots/photos and storylines, please for God’s sake!!!!

elausente Mar 19
Indeed... bring back the real excitement 
sophie Apr 25


Hi and sorry for needing so long to respond.

I will try to answer your questions.

- How did you take contact with the models ? Did they know the scenario in advance ? Did some girls have curiosity/interest for your fetish ?

We found some in the internet and some are friends or friends of freinds etc.Yes they all know in advance what we do in gerneral but they never know the details or which clothes. Yes indeed, some have or had. Of course there are some girls they just do because they were paid but almost all of them liked the shorts and some asked for getting some after the shooting.

- About outdoor scenes have you lived some troubling moments ? (people noticing something strange)
All anecdotes are welcome.

Yes we had one or two trouble moments, one even with the police, but only with bondage shootings never without bondage.The one with the police was a kidnapping szene in red shorts with Jill tied in our car. When we just wanted to close the trunk we realized that waterpolice was 5 m behind us starting to get off from their boat. they saw all the kidnapping szene and so we had to untie Jill and she asured that everything was just a joke.

- Have you considered to produce private video with explicit sex?

in all the years we are running the site, we tried NOT to do the last step into a porn site. that makes so many things so complcated. But we do private videos.

I hope that answers the questions.


we understand your point and have to admit that it is not that easy to find two girls which fit together very well. We also have to admit thataftr more than 13 years, somtimes it is very hard to create new ideas. Like I just said above, we do private videos or fulfill wishes in our regular updates when we can and the wishes are not to extreme. Please wirte us and send us ideas. We alway ask for that but only very few people respond and tell us the ideas. So please write us e-mails.


there is something which is correct in what you said. It is not easy having good ideas for more than 13 years but anyway we try to improve because in general we agree. The other point is that people are less and less willing to pay for the updates. A lot of people think we are millionaires and do not want to pay for the pictures or videos. They prefere posting here or trade. Even that there are a couple of people registered in that forum. only a handfull is willing to support us. We have month, were we cnnot cover the costs but we fight to keep the pages alive. Don't get me wrong we do not want to wine but that means on the other hands, our financial possibilities for example to hire 3 models is very limited. That everything is in German is bad I know but the most of the girls do not speak english sorry. Maybe we can do in the future.

I want to comment "what we need is spanking". You might think that is the solution, but I'm afraid it is not. indeed there are some people which like spanking in shorts outside. But even if there are 100 or more, means only 5-10 max are willing to pay. the last spanking video with shorts, we sold less than 5 times.

We only want to explain, that it is complicated to find the best way for everybody.

We tried somthing which might be a first step, that we sepereated alle the sites that noone has to pay for rainwear when he only want to see shorts and so on. And please sent us storylines.


you are also invited to describe what is exciting for you

I'm looking forward to your feedback



VentexIII Apr 30
Thank for your detailled reply (with the recall of the context)

In absence of possibility of explicit sex i think the most important thing is to show the feeling that the girl have (like us) a strong fetish for shorts wich means she have a irresistible attraction to touch them & collect them.

A close-up of the hands of the girl manipulating many shorts taking the time to admire them,caress them can be extremely exciting with just a little commitment for the model (with no nudity but simply rings and red nails)

More "erotic"  i really like the idea of a girl trying 5,6 shorts a the same time.Lot of mix possible : one on the ankles,one on the knees,
2 shorts on each legs,etc   

An other good compromise it's a girl with caress his legs,his feets,his arms with the shorts,it's sensual and active without being hardcore.

In term of scenario  (i keep in mind that it's in german) it could be cool to see a girl looking for shorts in differents place  (in soccer locker-room,asking innocently to 2nd hand shop showing one of his short from his bag in example)

And technically take advantage to video effects, think to split screen : 4 satined butts for one girl for example.

In case of 2 girls,one thing i never saw anywhere it's the girls sharing the same shorts : first girl with his right leg in the short and the second with his left leg (and same inspiration as above it could be more shorts,stretched around the knees,
playing with them with the foots,etc) once again no hardcore (and even without nudity : the girls could wear spandex,rainwear pants,jeans)

(I add in general it's always cool to see swimsuit,under leather skirt,boots,long socks)

Thank again for your reply and for these 13 years of presence. 
glance Apr 30

I also thank you Sophie, for your caring post. 

And in most part I agree with Ventex. 

All I can contribute is my opinion and for me it is always very interesting to watch girls who wear the shorts out in public, like it is something completely normal for them, but to know as a beholder, that it also means something special for them, some unique kink and arousal wearing the shorts. 

So for me, many of your videos nailed it pretty good already, with the girls wearing the shorts in common daily situations, but the spark of passion for wearing the shorts was missing a bit. 

On the other hand, personally I am not a fan of focussing strongly too much on the shorts, like in bondage or spanking videos. It feels like the models try to push the shorts too much in the foreground and the sensual touch starts to fade. It than seems a bit lifeless. 

I remember one video, where Alina (? I guess that was her name), was leaning on a railing of a balkony. It was perfect for me. She was not trying desperately to arouse the beholder, but she obviously also enjoyed the shorts. Perfect, in my opinion. This can be varied in many situations in public, or even with two girls enjoying the company of the other (though I am not sure, if I like it, if both are wearing nylon shorts).  

I might not get my point very clear, but for me, a video that promotes a girl wearing the shorts like usual clothing, but with a given portion of kink, knowing how sexy the shorts are for her and the viewer, adds the right amount of spice. 

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sprinter1970 May 15
For me just a 10 minute video of 2 girls in any color but white and blue striped sprinters the best, both on a bed just massaging each other and paying special attention to their asses, then legs. This would please the majority on here and any others who venture onto the site. Charge about £15. If people share the link after purchase hopefully the money would be made back. Jill is the best in this department, she seems to enjoy it and Sophie is a safe bet too. That’s all I want to see and pay for, I won’t be bothered paying for hoovering or watch someone try shorts on, has to be contact for me. Thanks S
oskar77 May 17
I agree with glance that wearing the shorts in public is exciting. There was a video with Sonja in the pedestrian area which is one of my favorite.

I like it when the top isn't too long so the shorts are fully visible. The shorts should fit well. Not too loose, not too tight.