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Andyj73 Mar 5
Hello Folks ..........

I have been in contact with Charlotte on Mostwam Link to most wam

any they might consider doing a non-messy , non x-rated scene for us 

my question is what would people like to see ?.......

if we can come to some agreement i would be more than happy to put the proposal to them 

I must also stress .....they will consider this so no guarantees 

come on folks lets hear the ideas

shortstuff Mar 5
if nothing messy, how about wet?

Andyj73 Mar 6
as they are "Wet and Messy" producers i think a Wet shoot would be possible 

just in case you missed this the girls get wet at the end of the videos they have produced so far ........

if we get enough response i might fund the shoot myself allowing the download to be available for around $10 

only one response so far .....come on lets here more ideas :-) 

shortstuff Mar 7
i really cant think of anything non messy, but as they are a wam producer, how about something simple and non x rated like sitting on balloons filled with gunge or a soapy substance like bubble bath/shower gel.
Andyj73 Mar 7
we can make it a messy shoot if we want the idea of gunge filled balloons ......maybe a sort of party game theme ...

does anyone know the anniversary of this web page ?.........would could do some games to celebrate web page 

please keep the ideas coming .....

asdf Mar 7
i prefer it when they wear leggings (spandex or wetlook) under the shorts :P.

but i dont think they would do that or that this would be the most requested thing
shortstuff Mar 8
I wouldn't mind the shorts being over the top of leggings, as long as the shorts (which is the important topic of this site) are showing.  I also like rain/casual jackets too, so maybe shorts and jacket(will include photos of the types). As long as the jackets are tucked up above the waist to show the shorts, either wet or messy.
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  idea2.jpg (99Kb)
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  idea1.jpg (66Kb)
  idea3.jpg (104Kb)
Andyj73 Mar 8
Love the idea of combining the shorts with a rain jacket ........think that would look really good .......

looks like we have a few ideas here ........

keep them coming ..........think i will stop the ideas early next week and see where we are before emailing Charlotte 

shortstuff Mar 12
Doesn't look like there are any more ideas coming, so how about combining the suggestions so far with leggings, shorts over the top of them with a jacket, and some sort of party game theme ??. I've added a couple of photos to show how the shorts/leggings would look like and decide if you's like the look or just have shorts only.
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Andyj73 Mar 12
yes your probably right .....looks like the ideas have stopped 

- I will email Charlotte asking for a quote for a "party gamed theme" shoot 

- i think 2 models 

- wearing rain jackets and shorts only 

- it starts to get pricey because i also need to purchase the outfits 

will let you know when i know more 



Andyj73 Mar 26
Hi Folks .........

I have contacted Charlotte and in principal she is happy with our ideas ......

we are just trying to sort out models/costs and other details .....

does anyone have a preference for the colour of shorts ?........i was thinking maybe grey with white stripes or the classic black with white stripes 


asdf Mar 26
color doesnt matter. just shiny leggins underneath it :D
shortstuff Mar 26
Yeah, i dont mind about the colour either
Deleted user
Deleted user Mar 30
maybe pink with some spanking..
Andyj73 Apr 9
Hi Folks ..........

hope you are all well and enjoying the spring sunshine 

just a little update ......

there is some good news and a little bad news .......

lets go for the good news first ............

- i have commissioned a two girl scene both wearing shiny shorts ...

- the scene will have a number of games and forfeits for the looser of each ....

- i have went for grey with white stripes and black with white stripes shorts ..

- should be available in the next two weeks ......

bad news ......sorry guys 

- the budget will not extend to leggings or rain jackets :-( ......maybe next time    


shortstuff Apr 10
Sounds great with those colour of shorts, shame about not having the rain jackets, but looking forward to seeing the scene, none the less.  Thanks for letting us know.
Deleted user
Deleted user Apr 10
great news..what will the cost being?
Andyj73 Apr 23
Hi Folks .........sorry it has been a long time since i have posted 

good news is i have received the custom video from Charlotte and i can its great ....

it is usually a few weeks before the video is available to download from her site .....

I will take some screen captures and post later today 

Andyj73 Apr 24
Here is a little picture before the download is available 
  1.JPG (86Kb)
asdf Apr 24
nice girls
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