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sexyshorts77 Feb 21 '13
In your view, why do many girls/young women enjoy wearing these nylon shorts? Is it simply for comfort or is there some other reason behind it??

Interested to hear views from both genders! :O) 

elausente Apr 4 '13
I believe that for the same reason guys do... there is the obvious comfort, then the visual appeal of them; they are obvious, gorgeous, conspicuous... like in every fashion item there is a exhibitionist element that works well for them.
In many, many cases, there is a seductive element, as it is well known that they exert a powerful fascination on others... fashion is after all, all about attraction. And few things have that power as much as shiny and soft fabrics.
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slim66 Feb 5 '14
personaly I think that many women wear shiny nylon shorts, to display their urgent need for spontaneous free sex. Please let that be true!
JanetandNick Feb 28 '18

Quote from slim66 personaly I think that many women wear shiny nylon shorts, to display their urgent need for spontaneous free sex. Please let that be true!

Well - there's a bit of that in it!

But it's partly because I love the feeling of all very soft flimsy smooth materials.

Janet xxxxxx
shortstuff Feb 28 '18
my wife loves the feeling and comfort. she also likes the clingyness when wet.

traxdk Dec 28 '18
My high school sweethearth thru +10 years hated them.

I kinda surpressed my love for them, till I wore them a night when watching a movie with a female friend. She expressed her love for them (and borrow a pair too)

After that I got a girlfriend and I told her about them, and she ended out liking them more than me. 

My new girl (fiance) also likes them a lot, and knows how much I like them. She sleeps in them and wear them to the beach etc. and send me pictures often, when wearing them.
We live fare away from each other at the moment, and I bought her several rare colored Adidas for christmas, and she will get them in one month.

She loves them for the comfort feeling, silkyness and the way they touch her body. 

What's not to like ;)
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oskar77 Jan 17

You're a lucky guy.

When I told my wife I'd like to see her wearing those shorts, about a year after our relationship started, she also did so. But as soon as she noticed that the shorts play an important role in my life she didn't want to wear them anymore. She wore them not a single time in the last 6 years and neither she will do it in the future. 

Because they’re comfortable and look and feel great. Like to feel them a bit when I’m wearing them. It’s like why women wear a satin formal dress. Some women just like the way it looks and feels and they feel a little stronger and confident wearing them. They’re a little sexy too.