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sarah_R Jan 16 '13
Why is it so hard to find shiny nylon shorts? if anyone knows of any online store where you can buy it please share the links
traxdk Jan 16 '13
Ebay is the easiest place to find shorts.
sarah_R Jan 16 '13
I know, but I mean new, on ebay most are used, hard to find sizes ...
traxdk Jan 16 '13
Think there is a lot new on ebay, sadly all the large sizes are in ridiculous high prices (saw a pair to €300)
sarah_R Jan 18 '13
I had seen, the trouble is that only sell to the United States, if he was good, the prices are incredible
sarah_R Jan 19 '13
thank you very much, I love those shorts, I buy them now!
slickshorts Jan 20 '13
Go online and type markus brighton into your search engine. This bloke does a range of bespoke shiny shorts and briefs in ripstop nylon, and a host of other materials, including see-thru' shiny nylon! Well worth a look. Shiny shorts do still turn up under odd circumstances - I managed to buy 36 pairs of assorted Adidas sprinters (all new) when a local clothes/sports/school outfitters packed up a while ago. Got the lot for £25!! Also several pairs of Rucanor and Bukta (ex school stock). Must have been for big lads, because they fit me perfectly! Probably why they were still on the shelf....
vikwam Jan 21 '13
I can also recommend these shorts .. reasonable price and Amazon is shipping to EU
sarah_R Jan 25 '13
They are all very cool, but any who put link sent to Europe, it's a shame

Quote from isd_intrepid you can also try they have several diff types of nylon shorts

NU Soccer shorts
Low Rise Slicks

Soffe Slicks

Quote from vikwam I can also recommend these shorts .. reasonable price and Amazon is shipping to EU

Quote from Sportyboy91

Here are some other good shorts -they are cheap, so you can buy more versions.

If someone wants to buy them you please tell me

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bosphoric Mar 2
Go to ebay, search, dapa-designs shorts.