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rillater base+authorization_role_admin
rillater Mar 25 '17
I have seen that lately there are many contributions to the web that are not related to the theme of it. I would like the web to be focused on a very specific type of photos, those of girls with shiny nylon shorts. Uploading photos of other types of shorts or clothing makes the objective of the web misrepresent, and users have to search among several hundred photos in which they have no interest to find what they want to see, and for that is already google . But also we have a big problem with the space and the bandwidth on the server, so uploading too many photos not related to the end will only cause it to collapse, in order to avoid that I ask that you only upload photos of girls in shiny nylon shorts to the web.
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Shinylady2015 Mar 25 '17
thank you very much.
Paulasatijn Mar 25 '17
I agree with Rillater. Unfortunately the numerous photos uploaded recently are mostly not on topic at all. Please stop destroying the quality of this site. Obviously photo contributions are welcome, but they should be on topic and show girls in shiny nylon shorts.
Retro Mar 25 '17
I personally think there are too many photographs posted on here which are not 1970's & 1980's shiny & silky nylon shorts these photographs are becoming intrusive & not welcome on here.
Memesan Mar 28 '17
I've uploaded some photos with different kind of shorts. Apologies. I already try to remove them after reading this, but I can't delete them, or move them into another folder. I get a parsing error. Any ideas how to work around?
rillater base+authorization_role_admin
rillater Feb 14
Unfortunately there is a problem in the software that uses our site, but there is still no new version corrected, so at the moment it is not possible to delete photos from the site. I hope it can be fixed soon.
umbrosilk Feb 14

Yes, the quality is the key, no cotton!!! Just satin nylon shorts. Love this site btw, just can't stand the cotton type shorts posted.

Also, when's this site going to come more fun with better text type posting of peoples experiences and their stories involving all things around our love of nylon shorts.